Live a life where you are excited to jump out of bed before the alarm clock goes off. And have the means to be able to really do it, from anywhere.


  1. Replace products in your home with pure products and essential oils (save money and earn free products and oils)
  2. Share the experience with others one drop & person at a time (earn commissions)
  3. Teach others to do #1 and #2 (earn residual income)


I hope you choose to become part of our team, which is comprised of passionate individuals who care about the wellness of others and who love changing the lives of others. We're waiting for you and the world is waiting for you. If your heart speaks to you and you know deep down you’re destined to find a way to make a future for yourself and your family that involves giving back and helping others, then the universe has possibly led you to the right place.  

"A big reason I knew dōTERRA was the company for me was it connected all the dots of the many things I have always been passionate about and prayed for.  Always an entrepreneur at heart, this opportunity has given me the chance to embrace life and to challenge myself in ways I didn’t know were possible for me.  Meanwhile, I am able to educate others and help them reach for the stars that once seemed so far away." Shirley Reul


dōTERRA is  so much more than essential oils.  It's a company built on a foundation of giving back and helping people and communities all over the world.  In addition to essential oils, dōTERRA has an incredible skin care, body care and hair care line. Its #1 seller is their Lifelong Vitality Vitamin Pack. All of these combined is a $360 billion dollar industry.  

Are you ready to learn more about this exciting business opportunity, change your life and teach others how they can remove toxins in their everyday lives with pure products & essential oils?

CONTACT ME TODAY:  772-453-3874 or by filling out the form on this page.

dōTERRA's mission:
**Share the healing power of oils with the world
**Build and develop people into something greater
**Free people financially to make a difference
**Make the world better place – give back!

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"Sharing all natural remedies that work is ō-mazing, making someone's life better because of it....well, it doesn't get better than that. I personally have never felt such inner happiness as much as I have since I started with dōTERRA." 

"What I am truly excited about for the first time in my life is I feel that all of my talents and passions, including things I love doing have become connected. I love helping and educating people and with this business I can do that.  I love being fit and healthy and this business allows me to focus on that.  I love being innovative and creative and with this business there are so many ways I can achieve that.  I love science and studying the anatomy and physiology of our bodies, and with this business I can learn more about that. I love the earth and nature, and this business is 100% that. I love being around other positive people who have the same interests and goals, and dōTERRA is all about that. I love being focused and in control of my destiny, and this business gives me the opportunity to do just that."  

Shirley XO 772-453-3874