Say No to Talc

What has only 1 ingredient and comes in a plant-based jar (that's plant-tastic) and has recently been featured in Harper's Bazaar's May 10th issue? You got it - Crunchi's Translucent Finishing Powder!

There’s a common misconception in clean beauty that natural ingredients are healthier ingredients. But while that’s sometimes the case, it’s not always true. Just look at talc, which is used in beauty products from foundation to dry shampoo. It's a naturally occurring clay mineral found around the world—and it could be dangerous to the point of carcinogenic, including:

• Lung irritation and respiratory distress
• Cancer-mesothelioma
• Cancer- endometrial and ovarian
• Organ system toxicity

What Crunchi's cofounder, Melanie Petscke shares about Crunchi's one ingredient translucent finishing powder: “Even talc that claims to be asbestos free is not safe for use, as testing methods used to detect the absence of asbestos are flawed and inaccurate,” cofounder of Crunchi Cosmetics and board-certified family nurse practitioner Melanie Petschke says. “This explains why studies performed by the National Toxicology Panel have shown evidence that even asbestos-free talc can be carcinogenic.”  Rather than talc, this setting powder is made from naturally derived silica amorphous. Although Crunchi cofounder Petschke admits talc alternatives are more expensive, she says, “This is a financial investment we are proud to commit to for the safety of our clients.” 

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Crunchi loves the planet!
In a world where 275 million metric tons of waste is plastic, we are committed to finding sustainable alternatives. Our Translucent Finishing Powder is now packaged in a plastic-free jar made from 100% plant-based and renewable ingredients including bamboo, rice husk, coconut shell, and green tea leaves.

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