Women are Demanding Clean Beauty

Did you know that Crunchi is a debt-free company and the cofounders are 100% in control because there are no investors! They also get on zoom calls and Facebook lives weekly and are fully connected with the advocate community and even do Zoom calls monthly for anyone who wants to jump on and learn more… It’s called connect with Crunchi.

Crunchi is only 6 years old and we have less than 5,000 advocates… I’ve read that companies under 100,000 advocates is considered ground floor!  The beauty and personal care market is expected to reach 785 BILLION by 2025 and clean beauty cosmetics 54.5 BILLION by 2027 and people are shopping e-commerce more and more every day

Not to mention with Crunchi, customers get a personalized experience and 80% of consumers today say they’re more likely to buy from a business that offers this experience.

Reports are also showing that more and more women are demanding clean beauty. According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG) the average person applies nine personal care products to their body daily and in those nine products there’s an average of 126 unique ingredients. In 2022 and beyond more and more women are questioning why exactly those chemicals are and what they mean for their bodies.

Searches for clean beauty are up to 270% in 10 years. The global market value for natural beauty and cosmetics is poised to grow more than 12 billion in the next five years.
If you haven’t concluded already, clean skincare and make up is one of the fastest growing trends. It’s time to get on the ground floor now.  As women we all know women whether it’s family, friends, coworkers, exercise buddies, the person that does our hair etc.… the potential has no limits.

Check out this short video from Crunchi founders by clicking here and Contact Me to get started on an exciting journey that will change your life. You don’t wanna look back and say oh I wish I had…


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