Saturday Skincare Snippet

It's Saturday so let's talk skin!

I decided I wanted to start this casual Saturday Skincare Snippet blog segment because the more I talk to people, the more I realize that they just are not real concerned with what they put on their skin and I find this mind boggling.  Why? because if you took some of these commonly used chemicals and put them in recipes you wouldn't eat them because they are very harmful.  So why do people put them on their skin? Well, there is a difference between not knowing they are harmful, which is a lot of the cases, and knowing, but not being concerned. I mean for years, I had no idea that the cosmetic and personal care products industry had no regulations and I believed what was on the labels to be true. But when a friend educated me and I started realizing that these companies who are making billions of dollars are knowingly putting these chemicals into products, I changed.  I started reading labels and making switches. So what I find mind boggling isn't the fact that people are slathering chemicals all of their body, because chances are that most don't know, but it is those who do know, because someone has pointed it out to them,  and they still don't care.  

I have talked to people that use the excuse that clean products are more expensive and they would never spend that on a blush or mascara.  Really?  When does one's health not become worth it?  As a cancer survivor I can tell you that Treatment is way  more expensive than Prevention.  I can guarantee that many people (maybe you) are walking around with problems that are probably related to what is getting absorbed into their bloodstream.  The problems have a wide range effect and can be anything from skin blemishes, hormonal, infertility, moods, neurological, brain fog, and yes, the big C word, cancer.  Your skin, which is your largest organ, absorbs 60% of what you put on it.  That is a big deal.  I am here to tell you that I will continue to educate and stay true to this mission.  To those who want to turn their head and continue to buy whatever because it is easier and/or less expensive, that is their choice.  But I know there are many women (and men) who do care, but are like how I was, they just don't know.  I can tell you that my face has never felt as good as it does at the age of 55 and that is because I am putting CLEAN, non toxin products on my face.  My face is happy.  I can also tell you that when you have a high quality product you don't need to use as much, a little goes a long way!  So for the "it is too expensive" excuse, it really isn't because you use less and it lasts longer.  

I just hope that my skincare snippets help others who just don't know to become more knowledgeable, or helps others who do know, but choose to ignore, to see the difference and make changes.  If you have any questions or need help with a label, please never hesitate.  If I don't know the answer, I will find out.  Have a great Saturday!

Here is a snippet from my Thriving Thursday video:

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