The Layers of Life

Sometimes I just like to run with no music, especially on my early 5 a.m. runs. The silence is music to my ears.  Just me, nature, my breathing and my thoughts. It really is a form of meditation because thoughts come in and they leave. One morning I realized life is really a bunch of layers.  Starting with the surface, layer number one. This layer, the outer one, is the face we put on every day for the world. It’s our shield. It’s also the layer that involves everyday activities such as work and all our responsibilities. You know, those things in addition to making ends meet like bills, kids, your spouse the home.   Let’s not forget all the other things too like the car, belongings, all the stuff. 

Then underneath layer number one (surface) you have what we often don’t take the time for. Layer number two. You know, the stop and smell the roses.  The take a moment in your busy day to just stand still when you are outside and look around.  This layer is the beauty all around us. The flowers, trees, clouds, the smell of the air and the sound of birds singing or frogs croaking. 

Then, go inside a little deeper and you have layer number three, which is what really matters.  It’s our family, our furry family, our home, our safety, our friends. It’s all that love.  It is what we often don’t take enough time for because of layer number one.  It’s the layer we think about when something happens unexpectedly and we hear the term, life is so short.  Or, you just never know so appreciate today, and tell the ones you love how much you love them and be sure to give them a hug because they might not be here tomorrow, life as we know it can change in a matter of seconds. 

And then there is the layer that is our core, layer number four. It’s the layer that often gets lost as we get older. It is our inner self. The one we talk to but in many cases don’t take care of because we are caring for others, or life gets in the way, or we have our struggles and just don’t have time.  But the reality is, it is the most important one. It’s the layer that if we paid more attention to and took better care of, all the other layers would be more aligned. Our perspective on things would be clearer and more balanced. We really owe it to ourselves to take time for layer number four.  If we do, then layer number three, our relationships and what really matters would be more present in our daily lives.  And layer number two, all those things around us would be more colorful and our surface layer, number one, well, we would have a better handle on this one, feeling more capable, stronger, healthier and definitely happier.

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Shirley Morgan

Nov 16, 2019 08:21 AM EDT

Excellently expressed thoughts and advice!


Shirley Reul

Nov 17, 2019 07:51 AM EDT

thank you xo

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