Purity is the Only Thing That Matters

"We had an independent lab test the purity of 33 oil samples from well-known names in the essential oil industry to see what was really inside each bottle."

Consumers Advocate, an independent review site with no affiliations to any essential oil company, recently studied the top-selling essential oil companies on the market today. In sending 33 unmarked bottles to the Aromatic Plant Research Center in Utah, USA - their goal was to provide impartial results for oils based on Quality and Testing, Consumer Education, Safety, and Sustainable Sourcing.

According to the lab’s findings, doTERRA was
one of only three essential oil companies finishing with absolutely no synthetic markers. doTERRA also finished prominently in sustainability due to the Co-Impact Sourcing Initiative and received high marks with their informative website available in English, Spanish, and Chinese. There is no ranking system within the Consumers Advocate design. When compared to the competition, however, doTERRA finished in the top tier due to the company’s ethics and purity. To read the full article click here>>

Explore how doTERRA sources only the most pure, potent and effective oils on earth and about their Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade standards, by visiting 

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