My word for 2018 was Trust.  It served me well. It offered me support when I had moments of self-doubt. It got me back on track as the Universe reminded me, I was on the right path and doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing.  Each day I was encouraged to trust and keep going, which gave me momentum.  At the end of the day, God doesn’t make mistakes, so I continued to trust.

About midway through 2018, I felt like I had turned a corner. Any thoughts of self-doubt started to fade, and I didn’t have to be reminded as much to trust, it came naturally. My thoughts became clearer and I felt pieces of what seemed like a puzzle click into place. I became stronger and more confident. There was no denying my love for what I was doing. It was driving me and still does each day. Even on the days, I must report to the j.o.b. (and wished I didn’t have to), I still wake up excited because it is a new day of opportunity to help someone. That speaks volumes. Some think I just sell oils or natural products. I am sure there are some who are not even sure what I do. They don’t fully understand the impact of these gifts of the earth that have been around for thousands of years. The fact of the matter is, I have not just taken up a hobby in oils or have joined any networking company. It is way more than that. It’s about changing lives and making a difference one drop and household at a time. Sure, it is my goal to leave the corporate structure where you trade hours for dollars and to have more freedom and flexibility, but it is so much more than selling oils. It is about believing in natural products that work and it is about sharing those products and serving others. It is about joining a company that’s mission is to make a difference in the world. A company that stands behind integrity and values. A company that puts others first. Because of doTERRA, I am here to help others discover natural alternatives to help with struggles, whether they be physical or emotional. I am an educator and a leader and feel strongly that it is my obligation to teach about choices when it comes to their bodies and health. And, that they don’t have to buy into what society shoves down their throat (you’ve seen the commercials).

Since I started my journey, I have met so many people who I wouldn’t have met, and I have had so many people say thank you for simply sharing another option which has made a huge difference in their lives. Each time I ask myself, “what would have happened to this person if I hadn’t opened my mouth and shared?” I mean seriously, what would have happened? They would have continued to struggle using fake, synthetic products that don’t work, or someone else down the road would have shared with them instead of me. Not sharing is not an option. Helping and serving others is a responsibility I take very seriously. It’s my passion. It’s my happiness.

So, are you wondering what my word for 2019 is? I think the title to this blog has given you a big clue. I am excited to say it is REACH! In 2019, I am not holding back, I am reaching for the stars! It is time to expand my thoughts and my actions. I want to share with as many people as possible doTERRA’s high quality, pure essential oils and products (gifts of the earth) that have changed my life and others, in more ways than one.

doTERRA is so much more than just oils. They are making an impact on change when it comes to healthcare. This spring they are opening Prime Meridian Health Clinics around the U.S. and plan on opening many more in the future. The mission is to provide integrated healthcare to ensure your care can be both traditional and holistic. These clinics will combine proven methods of healthcare delivery with a subscription model to make managing your healthcare needs as easy as possible. There will be No co-pays, no insurance billing, no cancellation fees. It will be affordable, doctors will be accessible, and you will have more time with your doctor. Not only do they offer alternative healthcare, but doTERRA is also pushing the boundaries with extensive studies into the role that essential oils can play in delivering integrative care which seeks to provide improved healthcare globally. To learn more about this medical movement and to see if there is a clinic near you or coming to your area in the future, go to:

In closing, another big part of my mission for 2019 is to help anyone who has the desire to help others achieve and build a lifestyle of their dreams. The opportunity to build a lifestyle which will allow for more freedom, more time with family and more time to help others. Maybe that is you? Do you long to help others but don’t know how to get started? Do you really want to make a change in your life to benefit others but also benefit YOU!? Why not start following your heart today? It’s a new year full of 365 days of possibilities. I’ll help you find your passion and start the New Year on a new path. You too can REACH for the stars! Happy New Year friend. Here’s to anything is possible if you want it. Start today, not tomorrow. To learn more about joining my team, visit:

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