Do you put a price tag on your health?

I felt like I had to sit down and write this blog because I come across people every day who I believe think that I am selling essential oils because they smell good, it’s fun to have a diffuser and concoct different recipes and it’s trendy.  Honestly, I really didn’t know what essential oils were just 3 years ago and the only reason I started using them was out of desperation to get rid of my hot flashes and to find something that was all natural.   The truth of the matter is, it’s great that they smell awesome and that I get to try out different recipes in my diffuser, or that they make my smoothies taste really good, but that is not why I use them or why I became a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate.  

To cut to the chase, 3 years ago I was diagnosed with uterine cancer, which resulted in me having a full hysterectomy, which then resulted in me having hot flashes, which then got me researching for an all natural solution and through my research and the help of my neighbor, I learned about Peppermint and by golly, it worked!  Wow, that was a run-on sentence! LOL  To say the least, this spiked my interest and my research continued. Along the way, I have had so many what I call “AH HA” moments because they really do work!! The most awesome part of all is they are ALL NATURAL GIFTS FROM THE EARTH.  Of course, that is if you are using a Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) essential oil such as dōTERRA.  Do not, I repeat, do not buy your essential oils from Amazon and eBay, or in stores to save money! The savings are not worth risking your health.  These oils typically are full of fillers and unnatural ingredients and have not been scientifically proven to be safe.
Through my every day personal experiences with these beautiful, all natural gifts from the earth, I learn that there are still many of you out there who really don’t know how effective PURE essential oils are. And, you don’t realize how one oil can serve so many purposes. I get it…I used to be you!  It’s OK…that is why I am so passionate about educating you and others!   Did you know, you could go into your bathroom medicine cabinet, get out the trashcan and dump everything in it, and if you had the Top 10 foundational oils in your home, you’d be okay because between the combination of them you’d be covered for just about anything.  And that my friend is no lie! It is totally awesome!  

I also come across people who have the mind set that essential oils are expensive. I think this is because they are viewing them as luxury items.  Maybe this is you? Let me explain.  A luxury item is something you save up for or you treat yourself to, such as getting a pedicure or going to the spa for the day or going on vacation.   Essential oils may feel luxurious in many ways, but they are actually a necessity.  By a necessity I mean, you are serious about living a healthier lifestyle by removing toxic chemicals from your home to protect you and your family, including your furry family members.  All this means is instead of purchasing over the counter cleaners or products, which are full of chemicals and contaminants, you are replacing them with all natural, yummy products that get drop shipped right to your front door and in the long run, you are saving money.   Once you experience this and get into a routine it just makes so much sense! And you are saving lots of cents, which add up to many dollars! 😊

I still ponder on why some people put a price tag on their own health…or their family’s health. I think about this a lot and one reason might be because our health is something we cannot always see until sometimes it is too late. I wonder if it be different if we could look into the mirror and see what is going on inside our bodies?

Did you know that most people spend about $50 a week, at least, between coffee, lunch, happy hour, dinner or who knows what?  If I told you that you could get a great kit with the Top 10 Oils to replace your bathroom medicine cabinet with, plus a free diffuser, a free membership which gets you 25% off, free education and consultation for under $300 would you cut back in other areas to make this healthy investment?  (You can even get the small bottle kit for half of that!)
At the end of the day, I feel truly blessed to be one of the fortunate ones to have caught my cancer early.  And although I wouldn’t wish cancer on anyone, it did provide me with the gift of discovering essential oils and dōTERRA which is an incredible company with an awesome mission.  I am thankful every day to be a Wellness Advocate for such a wonderful, caring company, and to have the opportunity to educate others about all natural alternatives, which leads to living a happier and healthier life, economically, one drop at a time.

Always remember, you can’t put a price tag on you or your family’s health.  You are worth it!

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