Why Home-based Businesses are Becoming the Norm

More and more every day you hear about or see posts on social media of people, like me, launching or totally rocking some type of home-based business. Whether it is a product or service, a direct sales or network marketing company, it is happening all around us and in the next five years approximately 80 million people will be engaging in this entrepreneurial type of lifestyle.  

Do you ask yourself why would anyone want to take on something so risky? Aren’t most  Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) companies pyramid schemes? In all actuality, in the world we live in today, it is more risky to stay in what was once considered a safe and secure corporate 9 to 5 job. Let’s face it, loyalty doesn’t exist anymore and cutting the fat is more prevalent than ever.  Whether you want to face it or not, you are replaceable.  And if you really look closely at the corporate org chart, that my friend is your true pyramid scheme.  Ya, you get it, the President/CEO at the top, followed by the managers, then the assistants, all the way down to the many worker bees.  Oh and those yearly reviews where you are supposed to feel really good about getting a 1% raise (that equates to $500 on a 50K/year salary….that’s $9.60/week)….or health benefits, which there is no denying that is a big investment, but most companies don’t offer them anymore and if they do, it is not free, especially for your spouse or kids.  And then there is the 401K retirement plan.  Not knocking it, but the reality is, if you increase your salary substantially by having your own business, you can afford your own health insurance and make your own investments, probably doubling and tripling the retirement plan contributions and matches.
So if some of those reasons above still have you pondering why more and more people are taking the entrepreneurship plunge, here are a few more reasons why today’s trend will soon become the way of the future (the norm).

Financial Control:  You are in control of your own destiny.  You get to make the decisions and take the wheel.  I mean really, why work your butt off to make someone else rich?  Make yourself rich!

Freedom:  There is nothing like having the freedom and flexibility of time and money. Again, you are in control of your schedule and how hard you want to work and how much you will make. If you want to work 7 days in a row and take 2 weeks off, you can.  And, in many cases, once you get established, you will be making money while you sleep.  Wouldn’t it be awesome to have more time to spend with family and to enjoy the things you love?

Passion:  You can put your blood, sweat and tears in something you are passionate about. Work will no longer be a J.O.B. (just over broke), it will be something you love, and Mondays will no longer haunt you on Sunday evenings. You can make a difference in the world and help others.  You can give back more to your favorite causes and volunteer your time because you will have more of it.

Cost Effective:  Unlike opening a franchise or a brick and mortar type business, home-based network marketing (MLM) businesses have minimal cost to get started.  You also don’t have the expense of overhead and employees.

It’s do-able:  You can do this! So can your neighbor.  Unlike MLMs from 20 years ago, you have the power of the internet and social media.  Your reach is unlimited.  You can reach people right from your own living room or from your favorite coffee shop’s Wi-Fi, straight to the smart phones of millions.

If you’re not happy where you are, if you want more out of life, if you are tired of working 60 to 80 hours a week but only get paid for 40, it is time to start thinking about the next 5 years of your life and where YOU want to be.

I am looking for individuals like myself who are passionate, not afraid to work hard, love helping others and making a difference, and who feel health and wellness matter.  I know you are out there and I would l love to meet you and share more with you about this incredible opportunity.  If any of what I have mentioned above strikes a chord, don’t wait. Give me a ring or shoot me an email.  It can’t hurt you to learn more about something that possibly could change your whole world.  Time is ticking. Take the wheel – you’re worth it.
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