It's Time to Spring Forward

OK, so it usually goes like this. It’s January 1st…. a new year.  You’re all psyched. New Year, new goals, fresh start, hopes, dreams, aspirations. You get the drift. Then life continues, days get lost and those goals and aspirations fade away into everyday madness. You find yourself back in the same grueling grind and before you know it, 2 months have gone by and BOOM. It’s gone, never to be retrieved again.  You think to yourself, what just happened?

Ok, listen up. Don’t beat yourself up over it. You’re not alone. It’s life. It’s the times we live in. It happens to the best of us even though our intent was strong.  Here’s the good news. Not all has been lost. Just 2 months.  And guess what? It’s time to rejoice because it is Spring! Do you know what I love about Spring? It wakes me up! Everything around me seems to come alive again.  Along with it, there’s a certain energy in the air and it is so refreshing! And for some of us, in certain parts of the country, it is the time change and our daylight will last longer.  This gives us a chance to be outside more, becoming one with nature. It’s a time of rejuvenation. Everything from the plants to the flowers to the birds, seem to be singing and dancing! You can’t help but feel the new energy and dance along with it.

A couple of other favorite Spring things I’ll add to my list are cooking up some good food on the grill and believe it or not, spring cleaning! Yes, you read that correctly. Spring Cleaning!! I love opening the windows and letting winter fly out as new, refreshing air flies in.  I love dumping those things that have been taking up wasted space. I love organizing and feeling renewed and uncluttered. And, I love cleaning with my all-natural citrus essential oils. There is nothing more comforting to clean with all-natural goodness from our earth and not filling up our home with toxic chemicals that are so damaging. Not to mention, they smell so awesome, the aromatherapy alone is amazing.
So, my wish for you is to feel revived, re-energized and rejuvenated. Put your phone down or get off your computer and take a deep breath of spring and move forward with a new sense of vibrancy! 

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