Choose the hard that is going to make you happy!

I am half way through the book “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay. I just learned a few days ago that she passed away on August 30, I believe at the age of 90.  This is the first book I have read of hers and it is very thought provoking and I highly recommend it.  I am sure this won’t be the last book I read of hers.  One thing that is constant besides “time,” is life, more than not, is hard.  It is amazing how our thoughts are the core of our feelings, in which our feelings create our actions.  And even more importantly, we have complete control of our thoughts.  I am so guilty of waking up on Monday morning and saying, “BLEH IT’S MONDAY…BOOO HOOOO………CAN’T WAIT FOR TUESDAY……I NEED MORE COFFEE TO GET THROUGH IT.”  You do realize don’t you, that those thoughts just set the tone for my whole day? What kind of feelings do you think those thoughts created?!?? Not good ones I can promise you that!  So, from those feelings, how do you think my Monday played out?  Well, not positively.   I have also tried the opposite, even though I’ve had to work really hard at shifting my thoughts about Mondays.  I have woken up and said things like “IT’S MOTIVATE MONDAY! LET’S DO THIS! IT’S FULL OF POSSIBILITY……A NEW WEEK….A FRESH START.”  I can honestly tell you any time I have done that, my Monday’s have not been half as bad……often even good! Your thoughts are so powerful.  Many of us don’t even realize or put any thought into our thoughts!  I recommend doing some experimenting with your thoughts. When you are down or feeling blue, try to change your thoughts. Think of the positives in your life.  Try to look at the flip side of the situation.  It is amazing how your thoughts can put things into perspective.

On the topic of thoughts, you have choices in life and as Eric Worre, another favorite of mine, who is a network marketing pro and author, says, “life is hard, so if you are choosing to stay put where you are in something that you are not happy doing, is that hard? Yes, it is hard! Or, if you challenge yourself by taking a risk, which is scary, for the chance to change your life, is that hard?  Yes, it is hard! So, if you have the choice between the first hard and the second hard, which are both hard, which hard are you going to pick?”  Most things you do for the first time are hard.  There are probably many things that you do now that are easy, and chances are when you first did them, they were hard.  And if you choose to play it safe, but you’re not happy, that is hard too. 

The bottom line is put a lot of thought into your thoughts.  Choose the hard that is going to make you happy! You have nothing to lose! Use positive affirmations that are in the present otherwise you are confusing the universe.  Turn “I will” into “I am.” Take time for yourself each day even if it is just for 10 minutes, to think, to refocus and to tell yourself you can, because you are worth it!

If you are wanting to fulfill your WHY, ready to choose the "hard that will make you happy" so you can have freedom you dream about, then turn your dreams into plans today andJOIN THE LIVE HAPPY HEALTHY TEAM. 

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Sep 04, 2017 04:42 PM EDT

Good thoughts. Very good advice. Being more positive is healthy.

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