My Heart is Full of Gratitude & Happiness

Have you ever gone through something in life and wondered why you are going through it or feel majorly inconvenienced?  Well, when I learned about Hurricane Irma’s possible arrival to the whole state of Florida, zoning in on the east coast, that is exactly how I felt.  I thought in my mind, “Seriously? We just went through this crap last year with Matthew! Why again? I am so busy! Who has time for this!??”  I felt this way because being through it before, I know what it takes to prepare and deal with a hurricane, especially one that poses such a threat.  It is no joke and trust me, you lose several days if not weeks because there are 3 phases to a storm:  pre-storm preparations, the actual storm and post-storm cleanup.  Pre-storm tasks include shuttering your home, gathering all important items, buying supplies like water, canned goods, batteries and other necessities, putting anything that can fly around away into secured areas, covering other important things you cherish in plastic, getting your finances in order and I am sure I am missing a thing or two. You also miss days of work and canceled appointments prior and post the storm.  After going through the storm you have post-storm activities such as clean up and putting everything back together!  And of course, trying to catch on lost time! Not to mention the days between prep and the arrival of the storm where you wait and you wait and you wait and this can be extremely frustrating because it feels like days are wasted.  This is not only physically draining but also very mentally draining.  However, this time for me it was different.  Prior to Irma’s arrival, I decided to enjoy every ounce of those air-conditioned minutes that we take for granted, because I knew once the she blew through we would lose all power and for how long is always the unknown.  After Frances and Jeanne in 2004, we lost power for 3 weeks, but last year after Matthew just for 12 hours.  I enjoyed simple things like boiling the tea kettle and even doing laundry.  I took advantage of the down time and did things I don’t always have time for like catching up on books and articles I had put aside and since I missed going to the annual doTERRA convention out in Salt Lake City, I watched the live stream videos that were available.  I learned about meditation and practiced it and I took a long afternoon nap (or two).  I organized paperwork and even some dresser drawers!  It felt really good! 

Ice & Water: hurricane necessities

And then there was the storm.  First you hear the wind gusts pick up and the rain bands get stronger, then you are teased by the flickering of the lights leaving you guessing when the final flicker will be before all lights go out.  For some reason they always seem to come in the middle of the night or in the early morning hours so when you do lose power, it’s pitch black.  This one was probably the scariest I have ever experienced and because it was so big, it seemed to last forever. The noises were eerie and spooky. There were screams of the wind, things unknown banging up against the house, and some crackling noises.  I gave thanks to my essential oils because they helped calm me and reduce my anxious feelings. However, it was scary and stressful and I hope to never have to go through one again! At some point, as much as I tried to stay awake just in case the roof flew off, I lost the battle and I fell asleep. When I awoke the storm was done and all was still and quiet.  I was forever grateful to look up and not see the sky.  After accessing our home and yard and learning we came out unscathed with the exception of losing some shingles, oddly enough, I felt mentally refreshed.  It was like I was given a new lease on life.  My heart is full of gratitude and happiness!  Although we are still without power and it is hot, that is completely fine with me.  Compared to some, we dodged a big bullet.

Lost shingles: could have been worse.

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