How Can You Afford Not To?

One thing I hear a lot when I am sharing my all-natural solutions is “I can’t afford it” or, “I’ll have to wait until I can afford it.”  And my answer is, “How can you afford not to?” 

 Do you wait to feed yourself? Do you wait to buy toilet paper? Do wait to buy toothpaste? Do you wait to buy shampoo? Do you wait to buy detergent? Seriously, I am confused on why some people put a price tag on their health and well-being like it is a luxury item purchase.  First and foremost, when I share my products, I am sharing to educate because I am very passionate about providing others with all-natural solutions to life’s common problems and very passionate about showing others how they can replace those toxic cleaners with all-natural products for way less!

Let’s face it, we all spend money on some silly stuff and a lot of times some of the stuff we spend money on during the course of the day, we don’t really need. Do you really need that $5 coffee? Do you really need to go out to lunch? Do you really need that new pair of shorts? Do you really need that new pair of earrings? My guess would be probably not, you just want them.  And there is nothing wrong with that. Sometimes those purchases really make us feel good. But why is spending roughly $2.75 a day on supplements that will supply your body with the nutrients it needs or make you feel way more energetic and happy something you can’t afford? Or why is changing out all your toxic household cleaners to all-natural products something you don’t feel you can afford?

Let’s talk about household cleaners because I am really passionate about the importance of clean air!  We have two cats who have teeny weeny organs compared to ours. Their lungs are probably the size of a quarter each. Some of you probably have pets and children.  Well, do you know how upsetting it was for me to clean house all day and then have my husband come home and gag because he couldn’t breathe from all the toxic fumes. That was a good punch in the face, but it woke me up. I mean really, I felt horrified that our cats with teeny weeny lungs were subjected to these fumes.  I quickly found out that cleaning our home with all-natural goodness isn’t expensive.  In fact, it is way less! Are you asking how so? Let me give you a few examples. Window Cleaner at your local store costs roughly $3.00 to $4.00; so does an All Purpose Cleaner and Furniture Dusting Spray.  Do you know how much I spend now? Not that!  On the best glass & mirror spray ever, I kid you not, which is all natural…….are you ready?  I initially spent $1.60 - $1.80 because I purchased a glass bottle for $1.20 and then after that refills cost around .50 – 60 cents.  Yes, that is right!!  You ask how is that so? Well, because I use a certified pure therapeutic grade Peppermint essential oil that only costs .08/drop wholesale.  And that is just one small example. I spend almost the same for my all purpose cleaner and dusting spray.  So, let me ask you…if you go to the store anyway to buy cleaners, laundry detergent, hand soap, shampoo, skin care products and vitamins….wouldn’t it be even more awesome to not go to the store, to not spend money on gas, to not fight the crowds and best of all, have it delivered right to your doorstep for not only way less, but for products that are all natural, safe and where your family and pets don’t gag or become ill?  I mean seriously, not having to go to the store and deal with all of what is involved in just getting there is a bonus to the more awesome fact that you are not only taking better care of your own health, but the ones you love and care about.  I am sure that matters to you, right?

Let’s talk about vitamins.  My guess is most of you take them, at least a multi vitamin.  Do you know exactly what you are putting into your body? Do you believe a vitamin is a vitamin is a vitamin? Are your vitamin’s nutrients in wholefood form? Well, all vitamins are NOT the same! Did you know that 95% of supplement manufacturers out there are filling their vitamins with things such as rocks and mineral salts (YUCK) which are NOT absorbable by the body? It is very important to be taking something that is proven to be safe and where its nutrients are in their wholefood form. What would you say if I told you that you could get all the nutrients your body needs for just under $2.75/day? I mean come on, that is less than that cup of coffee. Let’s face it, I seriously doubt anyone these days can get what their body really needs daily from their diet alone. 

To sum things up, the question I ask you is…isn’t living a healthier lifestyle worth it? Aren’t you worth it? Isn’t your family and your pets worth it?  This is real.  Not only can I show you how to live a healthier lifestyle; how you can save money and budget better by using all-natural products; how you can have your all-natural products delivered right to your doorstep; but also, how you can earn free products regularly.

You’re worth it. You really are. Contact me.

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