Stay the Course and Never Give Up

This blog may go in various directions and seem like a ramble, but I feel like I walk around with all these thoughts I want to get onto paper and often with life's busy schedule I don't have the chance. As I reflect on just the last year, I am amazed on how I have grown as a person and how I continue to grow.  Life has its challenges and sometimes I feel I get off course, but when I do I realize that deep down in my heart I am not going to stay off course......I know I will be guided to get back on the path that I have chosen. Sometimes I feel the path was chosen for me and I was invited to get on.  When I look back at just a year ago, I really feel I was guided to get on this path because I do remember having many doubts and some sleepless nights, but something inside kept saying don't give up and here I am and so grateful I haven't.  Yes, I still question if it is all going to happen the way I want it to but I am a true believer that if you believe and put in the work, as much as you can, and don't give up, it will pay off.   The great thing is, it already is paying off.  Maybe not monetarily yet but more importantly, internally.  

Inside I am happy, content, confident, and at peace. I also have been given the gift of hope. For a long time now, and I am talking years.... I have prayed for something where I could use all my talents, help others, give back and make it a career... I prayed to have one of those jobs that some people refer to as they love it so much it isn't a job.... and one to where you jump out of job on Monday because you couldn't wait to start your week.  Plus, I have always loved and been fascinated with the anatomy and physiology of our bodies. If I could rewind life, I probably would have chosen something in the medical field.  For as long as I can remember, I have also prayed for something all natural to help even out any anxious feelings I have or to uplift my mood. There is no way I would ever take a synthetic drug (pill) and the main reason I have a passion for running is because it helps my mind and helps me clear out any cobwebs.... I love my running and will run until my legs/body won't let me. However, I feel ever so grateful for being introduced to essential oils because they have really blessed my whole life in so many ways.  

Not only do I use essential oils to balance out my emotions, but over the course of this past year, I have learned so many other ways to use them which makes our life and home healthier. Every day I wake up feeling thankful that we have and use the oils in our daily life.  I often ask myself what would I do if I woke up and didn't have them. Well, I know I would be extremely bummed. But I know that will never happen because they are "gifts from the earth."  One of the greatest gifts the oils give me though is they allow me to help others.  I can't tell you in words how gratifying it is to help someone ease their discomfort or to help them get a good night's sleep, or to show someone how they can clean their home without using toxic chemicals and that their family and pets can breathe in clean air that smells good.  

I really could go on and on, but the main reason for today's blog is to express how grateful and thankful I am and to really stress that if you have something that you are truly passionate about and whether you are thinking about going down that path or you are already on it..... listen to your gut, don't give up even when it gets scary, keep moving forward and holding on to your belief that you can, and know that you will get there because YOU CAN.  

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Shirley Morgan

Jul 09, 2017 01:45 PM EDT

Very inspirational! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


Danielle Lee

Jul 09, 2017 12:27 PM EDT

Love it! Know exactly how you feel! Keep it up. Love the positivity ???

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