Forbes Ranks dōTERRA No.10 as America’s Best Employers of 2016

“doTERRA is more than a growing company of Wellness Advocates and employees. We are a family. We appreciate this recognition from Forbes as it is a reflection of the environment we work to cultivate in every aspect of the business,” said David Stirling, doTERRA Founding Executive, CEO & President. “This selection, based on our employees feeling inspired, secure, understood, and needed, is aligned with our values company wide. As we grow, we will continue to build on our unique culture by retaining and rewarding the best and most passionate employees to support our ever growing number of Wellness Advocates who educate about our products every day.”
I’m Changing My Life and Those of Others, One Drop at a Time. Will you join me?


Are you living your dream life? Or are you living one day at a time and just getting by? Do you wake up on Monday with excitement and jump out of bed, or do you start to get the Monday blues early Sunday evening? Do you absolutely love what you do so much that sometimes you’d rather be working instead of doing something leisurely or fun? Or do you live for Friday every week so you can have 2 days of freedom? What would living your dream look like if you were asked to spell it out? For me it would be total freedom and flexibility; not having to answer to anyone but myself; having total control over my financial destiny; having the extra means financially to be able to help others.  And, most importantly, it would mean being so passionate about my work that I didn’t call it a job, I called it my life.

Perhaps you totally love your job or you have the career you have always wanted and are completely content. That’s great! You are truly blessed! Still, would you like to have a little bit of extra mad money?  Maybe you’d like to pay off some debt or save up for a special vacation faster? Or, maybe there are some home renovations you’ve been putting off and having some additional funds coming in would help you achieve this?

Or, are you like me and you’re looking to totally make a change because you are burnt out in your current situation and you desire to be in control and to have freedom and flexibility. You dream to not care if it is Monday; you dream to have more time at home with your family; you dream to make your own schedule; you dream to be able to take a vacation whenever you want and for as long as you want; you dream to be able to volunteer if you want to and you dream about helping others achieve their dream life too.

If any of the above has hit home just a little bit or a whole lot, I am looking to share an awesome opportunity with you.  I am looking for someone to join the journey with me who is passionate about life and enjoys helping and educating others; who is not afraid to put in a few extra hours a week or more if they so desire; who is patient and doesn’t expect instant gratification because they understand all good things take time and effort; who chooses to look at the positive rather than the negative.

I started on my new journey about 8 months ago because I want more out of life….bottom line, I am just tired.  I am tired of living to work instead of working to live!  I long for financial freedom so I can contribute more to our household and our retirement instead of not wanting to think about retirement because at the rate I am going now, I will be working forever…. I am so tired that I have made a decision. I made a choice to work toward change and I feel blessed that this opportunity fell into lap and that someone took the leap of faith in me to give me this gift of opportunity.  Now, I hope I can share it with you.

So, let me ask you….. are you tired of your current situation? Do you have the deep desire to create a better life for yourself and your family? If building your own business (life), where you have total control of your destiny sparks your interest, please call me!  I would love to share this opportunity with you and tell you more about this wonderful company that cares about its people and its customers, as well as takes pride in producing top notch, 100% all natural and safe products.  I might add, I love these products so much, that even if the business opportunity didn’t work out, I would still have these products in my life because I can’t imagine living without them. In fact, I often ask myself, what did I do before!??

Will you join me on this journey to grow financially as well as a person?  I just know one day we’ll look back and feel so blessed that we did!

Live Happy Healthy,

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