Five for Peace

If you had the chance to sit back and observe the world from an aerial view, you’d probably see the hustle and bustle this month enhanced by 500%.  What do I mean by that?  Well, if you consider your own world, you probably feel the pressure of adding tasks to your already busy situation and having thoughts of how am I going to get this all done? But, someway our super human shows up and it always gets done. Do you ever sit back on Christmas Day completely exhausted and wonder how you did it, but at the same time feel complete joy that you did? The feelings of excitement for this achievement are abound.  The anticipation of the New Year is around the corner and thoughts of setting goals and focusing on dreams become less blurry.  

It’s that small ounce of peace within, as you sit back and give thanks for all your blessings, that makes it all worth it.  It’s that peace you should carry with you and nurture even if just for 5 minutes each day.  Acknowledging that peace will allow you to focus on what is important to you.  Acknowledging that peace will make you see how valuable you are to the people you love and those you are yet to meet.  Acknowledging that peace will get you through any daily obstacles that come your way.

You will be amazed on how being aware of your peace can help you deal with some of life’s biggest challenges and sometimes those challenges are certain individuals.  Do you ever ask yourself why some people make your life so difficult? The answer is simple. They don’t take time to acknowledge their peace.  This creates unhappiness which overflows into other people’s worlds (sometimes yours).  It will continue to fester until they acknowledge their own peace.  

So, I challenge you this holiday season to start paying attention to your peace. Incorporating just 5 minutes into your daily routine can help you attract more of what you want in life, which could be more laughter, healing, income, time with family, and so forth. 

I challenge you to start taking 5 minutes every day….yes, only 5 minutes, whether it be in the morning, an escape from your desk or on an evening walk, but take 5 minutes to find your peace within.  Focus on it, breathe it in deeply, close your eyes if you must, meditate, run, walk, sit, it doesn’t matter.  Here are a few ideas you might want to try:

  1. Before jumping out of bed when the alarm goes off, lay in bed for an extra 5 minutes and give thanks for something you are grateful for in your life. 
  2. Take a 5 minute break where ever you are and find a place to sit quietly where you can meditate, pray or just be still.
  3. Stop what you are doing and take 5 minutes to read one page from a book.
  4. Take 5 minutes on your drive to work, or taking the kids to their activities, and listen to a podcast of someone who focuses on personal development.  A couple of my favorites are Eric Worre and Gabriel Bernstein.
  5. Get outside. Go for a walk, anywhere, around the block or if at work, around your office. Stretch your legs, clear your mind. Breathe in fresh air.
  6. Try tapping.  Never heard of it, Google it.  You will be amazed on how therapeutic it is and what you can accomplish from trying it. One of my favorite tappers is Brad Yates. You can find him on YouTube.
  7. Take 5 minutes to do something for someone else.  You will be amazed on how the goodness will spiral and how great you’ll feel.  That greatness will continue to give back, because the energy created will become contagious.
  8. And before closing your eyes at night, ask the universe for what you want. Be specific to avoid confusion.  The universe always answers. 

    Those are just 8 suggestions and perhaps you have other ideas.  The key it to take 5 minutes.  Find your Five for Peace.   I end this blog by asking you…..what can you give 5 minutes of your life to?

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