Have the Time of Your Life

One thing that never stops is time. There have been "times" when I wish I could slow it down (or speed it up) or freeze it, but you can't.  No matter what, the clock is going to tick, tomorrow is going to come and go and even if we want to, we can't turn back the clock. That is not a bad thing though. It means when you are having a bad day, it will pass; or if you are waiting so badly to go on vacation, the day will eventually come; or when you have a big project or deadline lurking over your head, it will soon be in the past. So as I look back on 2016 I reflect on the past and as I look forward to 2017 I focus on the future, but what is more important than both is today, the present.  

What am I going to do today that will impact both the past and the future?.  I often get so busy that I forget to live in the "now." I am sure I am not the only one guilty of this. It is so easy to get fixated on the future, to worry about it,  instead of realizing that every minute now counts. Every minute now is important. To focus on yourself and not just what you are doing, but how you are feeling.  Emotions, positive or negative, can change the whole outcome of your day.  Emotions determine if you are going to have a good time or a bad time. We all have stressful situations and if we let the stress eat at us, it will gobble us up. Negative thoughts cause a spiral effect of doom.  However, if you change those thoughts to positive ones, such as "it's okay, I'll get through this, I always do" or "You know you're amazing and it will get done so stop worrying about it" then guess what?  It will get done, time moves on, it will pass.

A question I ask myself all the time when I am in a stressful situation is "What is the worse thing that could happen?"  When I answer that question and realize that I can deal with it because there is no other choice than to deal with it, I realize what am I afraid of?  Four words for 2017:  FORGE THROUGH YOUR FEARS.  Don't get comfortable. Don't stay comfortable. Push yourself out of your comfort zone.  It only hurts for a short period of time, then it passes.  Remember TIME is KEY to everything. Time is precious, it's your friend, it never leaves. 

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