Don't Dream Your Life, Live Your Dreams


Good Morning! Can you believe it is 9/9/16? What??? Time if is crazy!  So much has happened since my last post of 3 months many HAPPY things: fresh starts, new lease on life, new journey, new friends, new goals, new dreams, new purpose!  One of those new, HAPPY things is my new journey with Essential Oils. I am so excited about incorporating them into our lifestyle...they really have made me feel alive!  

Back in 2015, I really didn't have any idea what essential oils were or why people used them. I was introduced to them in 2015 after I was diagnosed with uterine cancer and pushed into menopause and started having hot flashes (not fun). Since I am not allowed to take any hormonal medications such as estrogen I started to do research on "natural/holistic” alternatives to help with the hot flashes and learned that "peppermint" aids with reducing hot I bought some through a friend...and, sure enough it has helped! I actually was amazed.  I now use "Peppermint" mixed with water as an alternative to mouth wash. It is so, so much better, and natural! (way cool!) Kind of like that Peppermint Patty commercial! I feel a cool breeze blowing through my hair...LOL

Peppermint got me thinking and reading more about essential oils and the positive effects they have in people's lives and their overall health. Coincidentally, where I work as the Marketing Director, Orchid Island Golf & Beach Club, a member's daughter (Hayley Hobson) who is one of the top sellers for doTerra came and gave a presentation. Well, needless to say I was totally intrigued and fascinated, so I started to read up on the company doTerra and follow her Facebook posts and became even more interested. Long story short, I decided to take the plunge and sign up to become a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA. It really is a no brainer since I plan to use essential oils in my every day life and each new day I love them more and more.

So, the bottom line of this ramble is I am just getting started but very excited.  Please like my Facebook page: check out my doTERRA website at or feel free to contact me directly 772-453-3874 or

I also plan to start blogging more...not just about Essential Oils but about how to Live Happy Healthy! Oh and I am going to try that Live video thing...but not sure...kind of scary...but I am going to do it!!! because we need to forge through our fears...On the Flip Side of our fears is such gratification and accomplishment.  Have a Happy Day XO

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