No Regrets....


The above image really speaks to me. It is always a good thing to remember.....I am guilty myself of saying, I wish I would have done things a little differently or if I knew then what I know now....but there is no sense in that. You are where you are at this point in time because of your past., because of the decisions that you made. You shouldn't focus on what you wish you could change, but instead on what you want your choices to be today and going forward. If you live in the past wishing something could have been different, you are missing out on the opportunity today to make a difference, whether it be in your life or helping others.  

And like the inspirational photo implies, every experience in your life: challenges, heartaches, times of happiness, mistakes, moments of joy, unexpected circumstances, accomplishments, or those times when you fall down and you can either sit there and weep or pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep going.....  all of those things are part of your story! All of those things have, in their own unique way, made you stronger and in some cases humble; all of those things have carved out the path you are on. And as you continue on your path, on this journey called life, you will still have those forks in the road and it is up to you and only you to make a choice on what direction you will take.  

So, have NO REGRETS. Be thankful for every circumstance in your past and be excited for every opportunity that lies before you, because with every opportunity there is the chance to be all you can be and to carve out the dream you want.  This life is yours and no one else's.


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