Raindrops are Falling

It’s been raining a lot lately…on and off and the raindrops have made me think a lot about life.  I watch as they hit the window, noticing how unique each one is from the other. Their visit seems to be short as they dissipate to another location or dissolve from the afternoon sun peeking out from behind the clouds.  For whatever reason, they remind me of how quickly things can change.

Last weekend, I was running along the gorgeous Indian River in Sebastian taking in the breathtaking sunrise, listening to the song It’s a Beautiful World, feeling good from my head to my toes and then all of a sudden, I am airborne.  I knew what was coming next and there was nothing I could do about it. Then, I felt it….the stunning feeling of hitting the hard pavement, the sound of skin scraping along gravel, the wetness of blood dripping down my legs.  Sitting there not wanting to get up, hoping I was OK, I realized that awesome feeling of being able to run forever was taken from me in the blink of an eye.  I slowly got up, wiped off the dirt, dealt with the twinge of pain knowing that time would heal all wounds and the pain would soon be forgotten.  Life’s experiences can trip us up, often when we least expect it.  Like raindrops, all things including life, have endings. 

Is it really the end?  To a certain degree.  When I lost my precious cat Ben last year, the end hit me hard.  He was no longer biting me in the morning to get up to feed him breakfast.  The house seemed empty as his favorite blanket was still spread out on his favorite part of the couch, and the brush I used to give him “salon” still had his fur clinging to it.  But in the big picture, it wasn’t the end for Ben.  He was free from all his pain.  He gained wings and moved on to a new life…. that better place we all hear about …the place I believe there to be…. way up high with my dad and all my other loved ones that left us too soon.  There is no good time to lose someone.  It’s always too soon.  But I truly believe we will get to be with those who left before us again and when I am feeling blue, the thought of just that dries up the raindrops from my eyes.

Falling down and endings can be painful, but with both comes healing; with healing comes scars; with scars comes strength; with strength comes a new perspective….and the realization on how short and precious life really is….just like raindrops.

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