What's Your Simple Something?


I woke up this morning to learn about it being National Wine Day, which then created a bunch of thoughts spiraling in my mind about what life would be like without certain joys, wine being one of them.  Which got me to thinking about other things that would make life suck without.......which got me talking out loud to others at work about how it is National Wine Day and how life would suck without it, but also without music and food…...two simple things (but major to me) in life that bring me joy.

What brings you Joy? Think about it.  Think about it not being in your life. Think about how it not being in your life could really alter your world.  It would different in so many aspects.

ON THE FLIP SIDE:  Stop focusing on life without things and focus on life with the things that bring you joy.  Sometimes not having something will make you appreciate that something even more.  Take a second to imagine what your life would be like to not have something in in it that you really get simple pleasure from. STOP, EMBRACE and REJOICE in the simple things that bring you joy.  I am talking about things that don’t have a big price tag.  Some are not tangible.  Go around your house one morning with a blindfold on and you will appreciate your eyesight, I promise you.  Sprain your ankle like my husband did at the beginning of this year and not be able to walk or do the things you typically do for a few weeks.  When you walk again you will probably be walking with a little more bounce to your strut. All of us get sick from time to time (unfortunately) and as we lay in bed feeling like we are dying it isn’t until we start to feel “normal” again that we realize how good normal feels.  When you go to eat that wonderful dinner you prepare, don’t rush through it. Eat slowly and savor the wonderful flavors in your mouth because there are so many without or never get the chance to enjoy what you are enjoying.

I hope to not take this day for granted. I hope at some point, I will stop myself and be ever so thankful for that simple something that makes me smile.  Right now that is coffee.

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