One Drop at a Time


It's Halloween! Happy Halloween! I love Halloween and always enjoy putting on a mask and giving out candy to all the kids in the neighborhood. However, I feel like I am not ready for Halloween this year.  At the beginning of this month we had to deal with Hurricane Matthew....well, needless to say, that took 2 weeks out of our lives.  Everything that is in motion is put on hold so you can prepare for the storm. By prepare, I mean you have to prepare for the worst because you just never know. And they were predicting a really serious storm.  So not only did we prepare at  home, I had to prepare at work. My full time job is right on the ocean and my office is on a modular trailer.  So preparing is serious. Thank God we were blessed and it was not the storm they predicted. But, we still had to deal with the storm and all the stress that comes with it including waiting for it to get here and pass on through.  Then there is the post storm stuff to deal with. Even though it was not a major storm there was still clean up to do and that takes time and by the time it is all said and done, you're exhausted and 2 weeks has passed.  So, thanks to Matthew, I just didn't get into my normal Halloween Groove.  But that i s okay. I am still going to put a mask on tonight and hand out candy.  Then when I wake up, it will be a NEW month and I can focus on Thanksgiving and Christmas, which I also love.  And on the flip side, I don't have to spend half of my Saturday taking down Halloween decorations.  

Some days we just need a day to recharge and today is one of those days. I have so much to be thankful for and I am guilty that I always don't take the time to just stop and smell the roses.  Work is extremely busy this time of year and I have also started my dōTERRA Essential Oils business which I love, but getting it off the ground takes time and since I don't have a lot of time due to my full time job I try to embrace any opportunity of free time to spend on that.  This weekend, I worked on my new website for it called Live Happy Healthy.  Please check it out at  

My dream is to first supplement my current income and then down the road to replace my current job with my Live Healthy Happy dōTERRA essential oils business.  All things are possible! Many women and men are already doing this and working to live instead of living to work.  I will be successful at this because I believe I will and I want it.  I gravitated to dōTERRA & essential oils because  dōTERRA is an awesome company that gives back worldwide and their compensation plan is awesome.  Another main reason is because their oils are pure and safe and have brought many life changing benefits to people all over the world, including myself. I really can't imagine my life without my oils.  I know they will be part of my life forever., Not to mention they have an incredible supplements line and many other very cool products.  

If you would like to learn more, please contact me by going to:

Maybe you just want to purchase oils or perhaps you want to just earn enough to pay for your own oils.....or maybe you are like me and you want to supplement and/or replace your current income.  There are so many different opportunities with  dōTERRA, I would love to connect with you and share!

On that note, I hope you have a spOOOktacular Halloween and that I can help you bring  joy to those you care about and love over the holidays, one drop of oil at a time

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