Empowering women to be mindful of the connection between beauty care choices and overall health.

You are smart. You are conscious. You are beautiful.
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Let's face it, ingredients matter for overall health. If you're wanting to detox your life, you're in the right place. I'll show you simple steps on how to make safe product swaps.

Did you know?

The FDA has no authority on the safety of cosmetics, skincare or personal care products.

The federal laws regulating cosmetic safety haven’t been updated in over 80 years (1938). Due to an outdated and weak law governing cosmetics, carcinogens have NOT been banned, or even restricted.

A little about me…

Hi, I am Shirley Reul and I am so happy we are able to connect. I started my clean living journey back in 2015 after I was diagnosed with uterine cancer. Getting that news was like a life stopper because I have always been into being healthy (so I thought). It really made me take a closer look at my life, and the more I learned the more passionate I became about educating other women. I have no family history of gynecological cancer, and later learned that 42% of all cancer cases are from lifestyle choices. For me, I started my clean living journey by replacing toxic products in our home. This entailed ditching over the counter cleaning products and switching to essential oils instead. Of course, I try to watch what I eat and each day I am learning more and more about healthier choices for my body. What really blew my mind though was I had no idea that the cosmetic, skincare and personal product industry was so corrupt with no regulations to hold companies accountable. Yep, you read that right, none!  This makes me mad. I feel blessed that a friend introduced me to my favorite clean beauty brand that is high performing and it is my mission to introduce it to every woman I come in contact with. Check out the rest of my website to learn more on why ingredients are so important to your and your family’s overall health.

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You are smart. You are conscious. You are beautiful.


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