DebbY McManus, Owner of the Living Healthy Studio, Sebastian, FL

Facebook Buddies, bugs LOVE me! Last night, while sleeping, a little biting something or other snacked on my hand and I awoke itching and scratching like ca-RaZy. It's not the first time this has happened; we do live in Florida after all. It is the first time, however, thanks to Shirley Reul and her passion for doTerra Essential Oils, I had the king of all oils handy, Frankincense. Dotting it on my inflamed hand, I prayed it would work so I could return to my much-needed sleep. Whooo-Hoooo! I was back to snoozing within minutes, Shirley. Loving that these oils are all natural and that I could support you and your passion! Thanks, Guuuurl! Debby (with a Y) Owner of the Living Healthy Studio

Danielle Elliott, Melbourne Beach, FL

I just wanted to share my gratitude to Shirley for the education of doTERRA and the benefits of its use. I was up last night and could not sleep due to pain in the back of my foot, near my now healed incision area from Achilies Surgery. I tossed and turned for over an hour because the pain would only come every 10-15 minutes and then would subside. After negotiating with myself not to take a pain pill because it would take too long to take affect, I decided to use Deep Blue in my moment of desperation. I got up, dropped 2 drops of the carrier oil in the palm of my hand with 1 drop of deep blue and proceeded to rub it in the back of my foot. I laid back down in bed and waited for the pain to come. It came back only 2 more times and then I waited, and waited, and waited. I was so shocked that I thought maybe I was making this up in my head but I eventually fell asleep waiting for the pain to come back which never did. I woke up this morning feeling amazing with no pain at all. I am almost in tears writing this because the pain I have experienced at night sometimes is unbearable. I am so grateful and thankful for you that I wanted to share this with you as a testament that it really does work. Thank you, thank you, thank you for what you do and for sharing this knowledge with me. I will be forever grateful that I joined the club.

Danielle Lee, Sebastian, FL

I've been using oils for about a year before I met Shirley. She introduced me to products I hadn't been aware of previously and is a great source of knowledge. I swear by my Serenity and emotional therapy rollers.

Kristen Anne Hanson, Sebastian, FL

I have known the power of nature to heal forever. But didn't realize that I could control my emotions of self doubt and mood swings with oils. I have just started having hot flashes that I have been able to keep in check with peppermint oil. Yes, these essential oils are great for aroma therapy, but you can cook with them, use them to sooth sore muscles and increase your focus. I love using them daily!!! And Shirley is great, she is helpful fun and uses the oils as well. She has become a friend through our living healthy and happy lives.

Ana Whatley, Lagos Cleaning

Thank you for introducing us to these oils!
I am so glad I decided to try them! With our family of five couponing is what we do, but making my own cleaning products with these oils, I am not wasting time clipping! Not only do they cost us cents, but they are chemical free and that makes me one happy mom :) And, our dog Sasha smells great too .After every bath no matter how good the shampoos we used on her she would always smell like wet dog. With some lavender drops she smells great!!! We are so happy we don't have wet dog smell in the house.
Ana Lagos, Lagos Cleaning, serving South Florida,, 561-444-8707

Lynae Schambeck, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Love these oils!
I LOVE my essential oils! I've been cleaning all day, which is not particularly at the top of my fun list, but they make it so simple and I enjoy the aroma at the same time, it makes it go by so easily. Also, I use the lavender every night on my pillow to help calm me to sleep and put a few drops in a nice hot bath to help me relax. Cheer is also great when you have that little thing that might get under your skin, it helps to not make it so irritating.

Denae Woodward, Palm Gardens, FL

Thank you!
I learned a lot at our consultation and the oils are amazing. We used them first during cleaning to cheer up and make the house smell great.

Jen Dawson, Vero Beach, FL

Thank you for the introduction to essential oils!!
Shirley, I wanted to give you a testimony about the Lavender doTERRA I purchased from you........I let my Mom use it for 2 nights, just behind her ears and on her pillow and she's slept for a solid 5 hours each night before waking up to go potty ;) She's not been sleeping well at all, with weird dreams, etc., so this has been a blessing for her! So......I'll need more! Thank you for the introduction to essential oils!!

Mary Beth Moretta-Huels, Scottsdale, AZ

Peppermint worked!
Hi Shirl, Well I started to have head tension last night before I went to bed. I used the peppermint on my forehead and temples, it didn't make the head tension go away but it did keep it from progressing. Feeling restless, I got up walked around the house for 10 minutes to try to make myself tired, but all that did was make my neck and shoulders hurt more and my head pound harder from the tension. So I made a cup of herbal tea and put two drops of peppermint in it, and rubbed a drop on the back of my neck on my spine, along with putting a little more on my head. Wow when I went back to bed after I finished my tea, I felt more relaxed and fell asleep. I got maybe three hours of sleep, but when I woke up I'll tell ya I was thrilled my tension was gone. Usually when I have this kind of head tension it lasts me three days and my prescription meds don't help me much, besides make me loopy, and I don't like that. I love this peppermint! When I put it on the back of my neck it felt amazing. It's like "Icy Hot" but better, it last longer and I felt more of a deep penetration in my spine that eased the tension. It's so nice to know that there is a natural product out here that actually works! Next time I get this level of head tension, peppermint is my "go to" and I'm doing this routine from the start. Thanks so much for telling me about this stuff, it's awesome!