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**Help & Serve Others
**Work from anywhere
**Be your own boss
**Build a team & earn residual income!
**Have more time for yourself & your family!
**Make a difference!

doTERRA’s mission
1. Share the healing power of oils with the world
2. Build and develop people into something
3. Free people financially to make a difference
4. Make the world better place – give back!

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Essential Oils
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"What I am truly excited about for the first time in my life is I feel that all of my talents and desires, including things I love doing have become connected. I love helping and educating people and with this business I can do that.  I love being fit and healthy and this business allows me to focus on that.  I love being innovative and creative and with this business there are so many ways I can achieve that.  I love science and studying the anatomy and physiology of our bodies, and with this business I can learn more about that. I love the earth and nature, and this business is 100% that. I love being around other positive people who have the same interests and goals, and dōTERRA is all about that. I love being focused and in control of my destiny, and this business gives me the opportunity to do just that." ~ Shirley Reul

Join the Live Happy Healthy Team!

"Sharing all natural alternatives that work is amazing....making someone's life better because of it....well, it doesn't get better than that." ~Shirley Reul

Are you passionate about wanting to make a difference in other people's lives?  Are you a motivated individual, driven by challenge and have a love for fitness and wellness?  Do you try to live the healthiest lifestyle possible? 

Do you feel stuck at your current job with no opportunity for growth? Would you love to be your own boss and work from anywhere so you can spend more valuable time with your family?  Or, do you simply just want to contribute more to the household to help with the vacation fund, renovations to your home, or just take some stress off your spouse or partner?  Whether you are looking to just make some extra mad money, or wanting to have a completely new career, this could be the perfect opportunity for you. 

For the longest time I prayed to find something where I could make a decent living and help others. With doTERRA I finally feel like I have found that and each new day I am so thankful. This business has changed my life in so many ways, including my health. The personal development I have gotten from working with other positive women has just been amazing.  If any of this resonates with you, I'd love to talk to you about joining our team! Together we'll move mountains!
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Shirley XO